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What Is A Contract For Deed

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What is Contract For Deed 

Contract for deed, which is also sometimes referred to as a land contract or owner financing, allows the owner of property to finance a buyer during a real estate purchase transaction instead of a bank. The clear advantage then to the buyer in a contract for deed transaction is the private owner’s flexibility in lending criteria versus banks that can be restrictive on credit. In a contract for deed situation for example credit does not matter; it is strictly based off a borrower’s income and cash down payment.

The loan amount between the borrower and owner will be based off the purchase price minus the down payment. Much like bank financing contract for deed financing is a term loan. This means there will be an interest rate with a repayment schedule over a specified period of time (ex. 30yr fixed rate). During this time monthly principal and interest payments are being made on the loan, so from the borrower’s perspective contract for deed financing acts very similar to what they are used to with a bank loan.

In a contract for deed purchase the borrower takes equitable title to the property. What this means is a borrower reaps the benefits of any increase in the home’s value; whether that be through rising home prices or a kitchen remodel that gets completed.

In return, the seller will retain legal title to the property until the loan is satisfied; usually by means of an eventual refinance into a bank loan. Once the borrower has fully satisfied the loan with owner of property they will be given a warranty deed to property that gives them full legal ownership, and thus that is why this type of real estate transaction is called a contract for deed.


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