Need An Investor To Purchase Your Home And Sell It Back To You?

At CBlock Investments, we are contract for deed investors who can purchase your home and then sell it back to you utilizing seller financing.

Our no credit check refinance program has a no out of pocket closing costs option for current homeowners, as well as a cash-out option for those who qualify. We have extensive experience handling all aspects of contract for deed home financing throughout Minnesota.

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We Offer a Contract For Deed Home Refinancing Option With No Credit Required

If you are in a current contract for deed where the balloon payment is coming due, have poor/no credit, or otherwise lack access to traditional bank refinancing we can provide you with another option.

Contract for deed – aka owner/seller financing – does not have the stringent rules, documentation, and credit checks that a bank requires for a mortgage loan or refinancing. These rules can create obstacles for individuals who:

  • Are recently divorced
  • Are self-employed
  • Are emerging from bankruptcy
  • Are dealing with collections, judgments or late payments
  • Are subject to tax liens
  • Are weighed down by bad or no credit
  • Have a past foreclosure or short sale
  • Are on a fixed income such as Social Security

Sound familiar? We can work with you to find a solution via contract for deed. We know not everyone wants to sell their house. We can purchase your home and sell it back to you contract for deed if this is what you prefer.

Can I Refinance Without A Credit Check?


The major benefit to refinancing via contract for deed is that you can sidestep the credit checks and bank rules. No credit check is performed on a contract for deed, as financing loan qualifications are based solely on the home buyer’s income and home equity. At CBlock Investments, we can go as high as 90% LTV (loan-to-value), exceeding what is found at many banks.

Is There A Cash-Out Refinance Seller Financing Option?


We provide this option for homeowners depending on the amount of equity in the home. This is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to consolidate debts and free up cash for other uses.

How To Refinance A Current Contract For Deed Or Mortgage

Our program involves us acting as the investor, purchasing your house, and selling it back to you contract for deed. This will satisfy the terms of your current loan and create a new loan with more favorable terms for you.

Your home must be owner-occupied to qualify; we do not currently finance land, condos, manufactured homes (must have a foundation) or commercial properties.

Loan Qualifications And Steps To Refinance Your House

Step 1: Get Qualified
We will verify your income and employment by examining tax returns and recent pay stubs. For the self-employed we can use bank statements to verify income. A current mortgage – or a loan statement if contract for deed –will be used to help us determine the amount of equity in your home.

Step 2: We Purchase Your Home
If you meet our financial requirements, we will purchase your home to pay off the existing mortgage or contract for deed. We will conduct an appraisal and then schedule a closing.

Step 3: We Sell the Home Back To You on a Contract For Deed
Once we have paid off the existing loan at closing, we will sell the home back to you on a contract for deed.

Our Minnesota contract for deed refinancing terms:

  • No out-of-pocket costs
  • 30 year fixed
  • 8.735%
  • No prepayment penalty
  • 5-year term (balloon payment)
  • 1% added to contract for deed sales price

We Will Take Care of Everything

You can count on us to handle everything from start to finish, ensuring a smooth, stress-free process for you and your family. Whether you need us to purchase your house and sell it back contract for deed or simply want a refinance option that takes credit out of the equation, you have come to the right place. Call 651-307-7663 or fill out our contact form to get started.

"When The Banks Turn You Down We're Here to Help"


-Chris Block Owner & CEO

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Why Contract For Deed?

It is the #1 alternative home financing solution since credit is not a qualifying factor for loan approval.

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