Home Financing For Bad Credit In Minnesota

At CBlock Investments we provide a home loan program for buyers with bad credit in Minnesota who are unable to obtain mortgage financing through a bank. We accomplish this with no banks or pulling your credit.

How Can I Get Financed For A MN House With Poor Credit?

Good question. You have come to the right place for an answer as this is our specialty.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer with bad credit or just someone who is recovering from a short-term hardship, it can be frustrating dealing with the stringent rules, credit checks, and other obstacles the banks put in your way. Any blemish on your credit score – missed payments, collections, etc. – can be cause for a mortgage loan denial.

At CBlock Investments, our no credit check loan program was created specifically for home buyers in your shoes. Our approval process is based on your income and ability to make a down payment – your credit does not matter to us.

We Keep The Banks Out Of It

No banks are involved with our process, as we are not a mortgage lender. We focus on providing common sense home financing options for buyers with bad credit in Minnesota. We find that many home buyers face the quandary of figuring out how to buy a house with bad credit but have a good income; we provide the solution for buyers such as those who:

  • Are self-employed
  • Have recently gone through a foreclosure or short sale
  • Have recently emerged from bankruptcy
  • Are recently divorced
  • Are foreign nationals (lives in United States and pursuing citizenship)
  • Have bad credit or no credit

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How Much Do I Need To Put Down On A House With Bad Credit?

Typically, a 10-20% down payment is required for our financing program that is largely based on the location of the property.

We have two loan programs available to home buyers with bad credit:

  • Our primary loan program is for the Twin Cities metro and surrounding counties, as well as a few select cities such as St. Cloud and Alexandria. The down payment for our primary locations is 10%.
  • The second option is our rural financing program that covers the rest of Minnesota, which requires a 20% down payment.

Not sure where your desired home fits into the picture? Contact us for the answers you need to get started.

Is Contract For Deed Good For Minnesota First Time Buyers With Poor Credit?

Our no credit check loan program can be a great option for first time home buyers with no credit history or bad credit. However, it must be noted that first time buyers should check into bank financing as a first option since that will always provide lower interest rates with better terms.

In other words, think of our financing program as a last resort, not a first option for financing your first home purchase. Our loan program’s rates are higher to compensate for the added risk associated with buyers who have poor credit.

FHA financing is typically the loan program meant for first-time home buyers with poor credit. The down payment requirement is much lower at only 3.5%. Most banks will not lend to someone with a credit score below 580. They typically want a credit score minimum in the 600-620 range for easier qualifying.

If a traditional bank mortgage loan or FHA financing is not an option, our program offers creative solutions for helping you achieve your goal of home ownership.

Buying a House In MN With Bad Credit Is Not Impossible

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"When The Banks Turn You Down We're Here to Help"


-Chris Block Owner & CEO

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Why Contract For Deed?

It is the #1 alternative home financing solution since credit is not a qualifying factor for loan approval.

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