How To Find Owner Financed Homes For Sale

Learn why our owner seller financing loan program solves this headache for Realtors and home buyers

It’s a good question for Realtors and their buyers who cannot get a bank loan. Trying to find any real estate for sale properties advertising owner financing is the #1 problem realtors face for their clients.

The MLS rarely has any inventory, and most third-party websites are outdated. If you are fortunate enough to find a home, terms such as good credit or down payment may not match what the buyer is able to provide.

What if there was a better way to finding owner financed homes?

Our Solution: Provide Owner Financing Directly To Buyers

At CBlock Investments we offer a better solution for prospective home buyers and realtors in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota, with our proven owner financing loan program that takes bad credit out of the equation.

Once approved for financing with us home buyers can purchase any home listed for sale in Minnesota – including those on the multiple listing service (MLS) – that meets our requirements. Realtors no longer have the headache of trying to find properties where owner financing is available.

The Benefits Of Our Seller Financing Loan Program To MN Realtors

Our seller financing loan program makes life easier for realtors and has benefits such as:

  • Streamlined loan terms on every property, saving time vs separate seller negotiations
  • Leverages the MLS since all properties fitting our criteria now qualify
  • Quick house purchases for buyers who may be a year or more away from qualifying for a bank loan
  • Providing a value-added service that many other realtors within a brokerage fail to provide
  • Ability to save current closings where the financing fell through at the last minute
  • Confidence working with a professional and reputable Minnesota company – We are licensed Realtors too with owner financing being our specialty.

Our Process:

  • We verify the buyer’s income, employment status, and down payment to determine loan eligibility.
  • Once approved for financing, buyers and their realtors are free to go house shopping! Any home listed for sale that meets our parameters is eligible.
  • We purchase the home from the homeowner and then sell to the buyer on a contract for deed at the closing table.

Not every realtor is well versed in owner seller financing. By working with our proven professional investment company, you can focus on providing a great service to your clients and leave the rest to us. Call 651-307-7663 or fill out our contact form to get in touch with us.

"When The Banks Turn You Down We're Here to Help"


-Chris Block Owner & CEO

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Why Contract For Deed?

It is the #1 alternative home financing solution since credit is not a qualifying factor for loan approval.

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